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Rubber Molded/Glass Reinforced Epoxy
Inverted Rubber Molded/Glass Reinforced Epoxy
Glass Reinforced Epoxy
Metal Shell
Metal Shell PBOF
Wet Pluggable
Micro Wet Pluggable
IE55 Rubber Molded/Metal Shell
IE55V Inverted Rubber Molded/Metal Shell
IE Underwater Pluggable
IE55 Subminiature
Magnetically Operated Proximity Switches
Miniature High Density
Miniature High Density - Oil Filled
Metal Key Titan® Series

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Teledyne Impulse is a part of Teledyne Oil & Gas which recently announced the establishment of Teledyne Marine Interconnect Solutions, a market-focused organization that designs and manufactures high reliability electrical and optical interconnect solutions for mission critical applications in extreme operating conditions.

Teledyne Marine Interconnect Solutions harnesses the combined business operations, technology offerings, engineering resources, manufacturing capabilities and service facilities of four affiliated Teledyne interconnect businesses - Teledyne DGO, Teledyne Impulse, Teledyne ODI and Teledyne Storm Cable. It unites and focuses the sales, marketing, business development and tendering processes into a single customer-facing organization and leverages these integrated capabilities to deliver enhanced value to its customers in the commercial, defense and government markets. Read More

Teledyne Impulse designs and manufactures high reliability electrical and optical interconnection systems, motorized power transfer switches, and custom insert molded compression connectors for a broad range of harsh environment applications. The company’s products are proven performers in the most demanding applications, which include oceanographic exploration, spacecraft and launch vehicles, defense, oil and gas production, nuclear systems, and wastewater management.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and rapid response is unsurpassed. Through precise and innovative engineering, flexible manufacturing processes, and dedicated customer support, Teledyne Impulse provides industries worldwide with highly reliable and cost-effective interconnection solutions.

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Teledyne Impulse is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.For more information click here.

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